Google Workshop for Attorneys

The folks over at SociableLawyer recently hosted an event with some folks at Google to debrief attorneys about the wealth of Google tools available to them. I’m sorry to have missed this one. If anyone has any materials they can share from this conference, please email me (! 

Just Because the Ninth Circuit Cites Wikipedia Doesn’t Mean You Can

I’m suprised to learn the extent to which the federal appeals courts incorporate Wikipedia references into their opinions. In this post from the WSJ’s Law Blog, Joe Palazollo notes that every federal court of appeal except the D.C. Circuit and the Federal Circuit has cited Wikipedia at least once. Here’s an excerpt of Joe’s findings:

The two court of appeals most comfortable with Wikipedia were the Seventh Circuit and the Ninth Circuit, with 36 citations and 17 citations, respectively. The 10th Circuit and Sixth Circuit recorded eight and six citations, respectively. The First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Eighth and 11th circuits all had five or fewer Wikipedia citations.


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