60 Websites in 60 Minutes: ABA Techshow 2012

The folks over at Reid My Blog are reporting from the ABA’s TECHSHOW 2012 about new and useful applications and websites. Categories include Sites to Help You Do Your Job, Helpful Information, Technology Tools and Sites, Social Media Tools and Resources, Law Practice Management, Online Privacy and Dangers, and Nonbillable Time.

Of the sixty sites listed (many, if not most, of dubious relevance to the practice of law … MyExWifesWeddingDress.com … really?), there are a few worth highlighting here. Fastcase’s iPhone/iPad app offers totally free case law searches and retrieval. Check back here soon for a Fastcase tutorial. Also interesting is the ABA’s Preview of  U.S. Supreme Court Cases; this is a useful survey of current and past SCOTUS appeals.

For a complete listing of sites from the plenary session, click here.


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